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Our Deal


​What does the startup receive if admitted to the Acceleration Programme?

The Start-up will know that it is being admitted to the Acceleration Programme at the time its admission is agreed with Leonardo.

Start-ups admitted to the Acceleration Programme receive:

  • €50k in cash for each Start-up entering the Acceleration Programme

  • Technical support and mentoring provided by Leonardo

  • Specialised business mentoring provided by the LVenture Group

  • Proof of Concept or Feasibility Study development with Leonardo during the course of the Acceleration Programme

  • Access to the Leonardo and LVenture Group innovation ecosystem network

  • For the 3 most deserving Start-ups, a follow-on investment of up to €500k per Start-up


What services does the startup receive during the Acceleration Programme?

Each Start-up entering the Leonardo Accelerator will receive:

  • A 6-month, fully-fledged Acceleration Programme aimed at supporting it to set up, develop and/or test the product and market;

  • Dedicated mentorship to enable its enhancement in all key topics such as project management, growth strategy, product quality assurance, legal aspects, HR aspects, Communications, Financial Planning, Sales;

  • Full support for a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Feasibility Study with Leonardo

  • Specific workshops planned in accordance with the Start-up’s development stage;

  • Specific technical education and mentorship provided by Leonardo professionals;

  • 6 months’ access to a co-working space in the LVG Hub based at Roma Termini station.

  • Tech perks of up to €2M (Cloud, payment systems, CRM, etc.).


What happens if the startup is selected at Demo Day?

After successful completion of the Acceleration Programme, Start-ups will demonstrate their value proposition at a Demo Day where Leonardo will select those Start-ups that will receive investment from Leonardo.

For the selected Start-ups, in exchange for the €50K in cash and the services received as described under point 2. of this section, Leonardo will receive a share of between 4% and 8% of the Start-up’s capital. This will be negotiated upon entry to the Acceleration Programme.

The selected start-ups will receive also follow-on investment of up to €500k.


If the Start-up is not selected at Demo Day, it nonetheless has the possibility to continue working with Leonardo Group through technical and commercial partnerships that will be agreed and settled between the Start-up and the relevant interested Division of Leonardo.

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Acceleration Programme


When does the Programme start?

The Programme starts on May the 29 2023.


How long does it last?

The Programme has a duration of 6 months, divided into 12 sprints of 2 weeks each.


What is a sprint?

A sprint is a 2-week timeframe in which the Start-up must grow its value by achieving measurable technical and business goals.


What’s a sprint goals?

In every sprint, the Start-up must set measurable technical and business goals and prove to the Acceleration Programme team that these have been achieved.

The activities carried out during the Acceleration Programme will include at least the following:

  • Setup activities such as goal setting and high-level planning definition;

  • Product optimisation/development and project management (Tech & Management);

  • Metrics building and traction on the market by solution validation on targeted market areas (Marketing & Sales);

  • Tech and Industry know-how development and potential integration in an LDO solution;

  • Fundraising.


Together with Leonardo, the Startup will also develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Feasibility Study depending on the maturity of the Value Proposition.



What is the required commitment during the Programme?

During the Acceleration Programme, Start-ups always have access to the co-working space in the LVG Hub based in Roma Termini station (HUB), but the required physical presence of each Start-up will be defined during the Selection phase based on:

  • The distance of the founder’s domicile from the HUB

  • The distance of the Start-up’s registered office from the HUB

  • COVID-19 limitations on the Start-up’s needs



Are there any events to attend?

The team is required to physically participate in several Acceleration Programme events to present the project to a selected audience of advisors, corporates, and investors:

  • Programme kick-off (1 day)

  • Sneak Peeks (3 days)

  • Final pitching review (1 day)

  • Demo Day (1 day)

  • Testing and contacts with Leonardo

We suggest that you always participate in the numerous events that take place in the Hub.


I already have investors who have invested/want to invest in the startup.

What should I do?

Please show us your cap table and we will assess whether there is also room for our own investment.

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How can I apply to the Acceleration Programme?

On our website you will find a button marked “APPLY NOW” with a link to the application form. The application is handled on the F6S portal – the biggest Start-up & Founder community.


What language is the application form written in?



Is there a minimum number of team members required?

No, however we do suggest that you have a team.


Must the whole team be dedicated full time to the startup during the Acceleration Programme?

Yes, the founders and the team members needed for developing the Start-up must be dedicated full time and must physically take part in the Programme at the LVenture Group Hub in Rome.

Any other supporting founders, employees or associates can work part-time and/or remotely.



Do you provide accommodation?

No, however, we have discounts available in some hotels located near the Hub.



Do I have to provide the startup’s business plan?

No, just a general presentation of the Start-up with the key figures that representing its business.


Does my startup need to be already incorporated?

The Start-up does not need to be incorporated at the time of the application, but we require it to be incorporated before entering the Acceleration Programme.


I have submitted the application, what are the next steps?

The selection process takes 6 weeks and involves the following steps:

  • First step: some Start-ups will be contacted for in-depth analysis with the Acceleration Team.

  • Second step: the selected teams will receive our Term Sheet and, upon acceptance of this, will participate at a Selection Day in which the Selection Committee will make the final decision;

  • Selection Day: a selection event that will terminate with the selection of 10 Start-ups for participation in the Programme;

  • The Programme will start 4 weeks after the final selection.


Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will protect the exchange of information between Leonardo, your start-up and the LVenture Group.

During the Acceleration Programme you will be able to exchange information owned by you and Leonardo. Since we value the business, we want to protect the confidentiality of information and require that it is not disclosed to anyone else.


I have a great idea for a Start-up but do not have a technical background. Can I still participate in the Acceleration Programme?

The founding team needs to have the skills to build the product itself rather than outsourcing the project to someone else. For most businesses, this usually means that you need a co-founder with a technical background.

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