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Tech Frameworks we value:

AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, IIoT, Cyber, Cloud & Edge, 5G

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Innovative Digital solutions able to implement and enhance “Everything-as -a-Service” XaaS paradigm, applicable to the Leonardo business portfolio.

We are looking for

  • Technologies and platforms for data collection and data exploitation, enabling the design and the delivery of new digital services through the acquisition, storage and processing of large quantity of heterogeneous data, in particular for Predictive Maintenance, Asset Performance Management, Operational Simulation

  • Service Delivery Platforms and solutions to support customers’ missions and their business objectives

  • Platforms and solutions to make the customer service model more “XaaS oriented”



Innovative products, services & solutions in the Unmanned Systems and Advanced Air Mobility environment.

We are looking for

  • Autonomous, integrated, flexible systems to make existing products and systems smarter, safer and more efficient

  • AI solutions for robotic autonomous systems and new solutions for navigation, mobility and locomotion, manipulation control, movement planning and interaction

  • Solutions to provide operational autonomy and make multi-domain communication (sea, land, air) safer, allowing real time collaboration even in very challenging environments such as Space

Autonomous Systems
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