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The Scenario
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Batch 1 | 2022

10 startups successfully completed the first edition of the Leonardo's Business Innovation Factory - focused on servitisation and autonomous systems verticals - running from May to October 2022. A 5-month journey that transformed their Tech projects into solid businesses.

Two of them – the Swedish Canary Bit (servitisation area), which develops solutions of confidential computing for the safe management of B2B data exchange, and the Italian Volta Structural Energy (autonomous systems area), which produces structural ion aluminium batteries – received investment from Leonardo.

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fondo leonardo 2023.png

Startups from the first batch


Amygda's observability and equipment health monitoring product enables you to increase the availability and sustainability of assets and implement servitisation.

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CanaryBit provides a service for confidential collaboration, allowing organisations to share sensitive data in a hardware-protected environment.


Hyle is a robotics company that develops autonomous, high-capacity and heavy-duty mobile platforms that are fully customisable in terms of the application, performance and power supply.


Wave brings augmented reality to vehicles to avoid accidents and maintain the pilot’s concentration.


Arcan is a platform for software architecture reverse engineering that indicates whether a software project is of good quality or not by automatically scanning its source code.


Difly is a startup specialised in the acquisition of high quality aerial data via drone and related analysis, via machine learning, in the fields of war investigations and digitisation of the environment and territory.


SanChip operates in the field of predictive maintenance producing IIoT devices based on Lab-on-Chip technology that monitor and analyse in real-time the conditions of the lubricating oil to minimise failures, downtime, and repair costs.


Astradyne has developed an innovative technology enabler named FRET (Flexible, Reinforced Electronics with Textile), which combines rigid-flexible electronic circuits with textile material.


Heimdall aims to combine the aerospace and AI sector with Sentinel, our long-range fixed-wing drone. We are automating endurance and flight-time intensive operations.


Volta Structural Energy develops Aluminum-ion Structural Batteries, multifunctional elements carrying mechanical loads while storing electrical energy, enabling new ways to conceive electrical storage.

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